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 4th European Conference: "Innovations in the Environmental Sector" (INES) Competence Models, E‐Learning, Social Communities





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Participatory processes in wate management (PPWM)
The International Conference on “Participatory processes in water management” was held June 28-30, 1999 in Budapest as a satellite conference of the UNESCO’s World Conference on Science. The event was organized by Water Resources Research Centre (VITUKI), International Association for Public Participation (IAP2), International Water Resources Association (IWRA) and UNESCO IHP.

The proceedings contains 12 keynote lectures, 8 working documents listed below and the declaration of the Conference:


What is Public Participation?
Jerome Delli Priscoli (USA)

Water and Peace: How Can International Water Agreements be Influenced by the Public?
Uri Shamir (Israel)

Hungarian experiences with PP in water resources management.
Anna Vári (Hungary)

Decentralization, public participation and transboundary water management in Hungary and Mexico.
Valerie J. Assetto, Stephen P. Mumme (USA)

The management of international river basins. How can the public participate?
Erik Mostert (The Netherlands)

Policy Analysis in a participatory process of reaching a solution to the case of Gabcikovo-Nagymaros.
Peter Glas, Jan Leentvaar(The Netherlands)

River basins, water users participation and the Framework Directive.
Bernard Barraqué (France)

The Sajó River Case Study.
Sándor Kisgyörgy (Hungary)

From Hainburg to Freudenau: An Austrian experience with seeking solutions with PP.
Peter Nachtnebel (Austria)

Strengthening local capacities for water conservation in a small water catchment area: PP in the Dörögd Basin, Balaton Upperland.
Judit Vásárhelyi (Hungary)

Conditions for Meaningful Public Participation, Precursors of praxis.
Stuart Langton (USA)

Tools and Techniques for Effective Public Participation in Water Resources Decision.
James Creighton (USA)


Private sector in water resources decision making
Vujica Yevjevich (USA)

Key elements in the participatory processes of transboundary river basin management based on selected Asian experiences
Le Huu Ti, (UN ESCAP)

Catchment-based stormwater management in Australia citizen participation in policy - what can be achieved?
Brown R.R, Ryan R., Ball J.E. (Australia)

Public participation in EIA procedures of waste-water treatment plants
Andrzej Kulig (Poland)

Criteria and concerns for selecting  and evaluating tools and methods for public participation
Jeryl M. Mumpower (USA)

The Aarhus convention: application of the convention principles to European water regimes
Willem J. Kakebeeke, Nicolette W.M. Bouman (The Netherlands)

Application of decision support system for development of accession strategies in the water sector in Czech Republic
Jan Krejcik, S. Vanecek (The Czech Republic)

The program of regional planning in the Hungarian water management with regard to the widespread participation of the users and interested parties
Miklós Németh (Hungary)

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